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Improving Workplace Harmony and Efficiency

Soft Skills Training for Your Sales and Customer Service Team. 


FREE 5 Step Checklist & FREE 35 Minute Webinar Teaching You How To Build Long-Term Working Relationships For Your Business, and Professional Career, Needs. 

[CASE STUDY} Customer Service Training For Staff of Urban Development Project. PRESS PLAY

Soft Skills 101 Training

What You'll Learn:


  • Recognize how your attitude affects customer service


  • State what soft skills means in relation to all your customers, both internal and external

  • Identify your customers’ needs

  • Provide outstanding customer service over the phone

  • Deal with difficult customers

Is your business going downhill? Not satisfied with the outcome?

Soft Skills is the key to 70%-75% of long tenure job success! Equip your team with the in-demand skills in the market today: 


It’s called Soft Skills!

Top 5 vital skills required in your workplace that we effectively teach you how to produce:

  •    Good Teamwork & Team Spirit

  •    Solution Oriented Approach

  •    Leadership Development

  •    Good Communication skills

  •    Strong Work Ethics

Soft skills play an important role in the workplace for both managers and employees. Soft skills span a number of areas. 


Some areas include-

  •    Business etiquette

  •    Leadership skills

  •    Interpersonal communication skills

  •    Following

  •    Presentation skills

  •    Problem-solving approach

  •    Strengthening emotional intelligence

  •    Better management skills


Employees with better interpersonal communication skills, presentation skills, management skills and intelligent problem-solving approach are indeed much beneficial for the business, whether it is sales, services or project management.
It is obvious that all individuals are not outstanding in all of the aforementioned areas. So how does one achieve soft skills?

Training Outcomes- 

1. Professionalism 

     - Embrace who you are & what we do

     - Establish a winning attitude

3. Communication 

     - Customer service over the phone & in-person

     - Recovering difficult customers

     - Understand when to escalate 

2. Work Ethic 

     - Identify and address customer needs

     - Generate return business

4. Learn To

  • Stay outside the box

  • Meet basic needs

  • Go the extra mile

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