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Grassroots Marketing Services

Reaching Developing and Diverse Markets with B2B l B2C l B2G Service  

Our grassroots marketing strategies offer digital and in-person communication solutions to help our clients reach community, business, and government leaders within urban areas. We will boost your customer base and your community presence through our business development and community engagement outsourcing and advising.


Access to Working and Urban Communities!

We offer business development and community engagement outsourcing and advising in the areas of urban core development, workforce marketing and local and global business development.



#1 Market Penetration: By boosting market penetration from the grassroots level on up, we will automatically build an ever-increasing client base. 


#2 Save Time and Resources: Our grassroots marketing services help you minimize expenses and time while maximizing productivity.


#3 Diversity and Inclusion: By connecting to Hylton Elite Marketing Agency you are maximizing your community engagement efforts. 

#4 Professional Representation: We can and will represent your organization in the highest level of professionalism at public and private activities. 


#5 Ongoing Business Development: We have years of experience and a professional network that will help you develop your business bigger and faster than ever before.

Our Primary Services

Event Marketing

Attract attention


  • Increase Foot Traffic and Sales 

  • Interact with Prospects

  • Get Positive Reviews 

  • Brand and Media Exposure

  • Full Time Event Management Team Ready

HE - Event Management Cover Pic.jpg

Digital Marketing

Promoting or selling products or services


  •  Local Search

  •  Review Marketing

  •  Paid Advertising

  •  Social Content

  •  Monthly Newsletter* 

  •  Email Marketing


*Facebook Management

 *Linkedin Management

 *YouTube Management


Our Supporting Services

Corporate Ambassador

In-Person Representation promoting or selling products or services


  • Sales/ColdCalls

  • Private Meetings

  • Increase Traffic to Your Office

  • Networking and Community Event Participation

      - Job Fairs

      - Business Chambers

      - Community Advisory Groups 

      - Guest Speaking 

      - Community Engagement

Social Media Management

Maximize exposure with customized posts that add to your messaging experience. 


Ramping up awareness & conversions​

  • Making Brands Visible with Strategic Local Advertising Networks

  • Launch New Products

  • Attract Prospects

  • High Value, Cost-Benefit Ratio

Video Marketing

Need to capture your audience? 


Our video production service can both capture the event and put together an inspiring, win-win, highlight video. Your fanbase will grow into a following! Check out our work! 

Upon becoming a client, we get to know your business quickly and become a trusted member of your team. Clients have access to a back office and account manager as well as a Hylton Elite app that our firm is currently developing. Within a targeted territory, we provide grassroots communication strategies that reach community, business, and government leaders.

  • Developing professional contacts and expanding your network in an emerging market

  • You can boost your exposure to your base and beyond even more by getting involved in grassroots projects and activities.

Ready to Make Your Team More Effective?

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