Helping You Build Your Brand by Connecting to
Diverse Communities and Markets

We will procure ever-increasing boosts to your customer base as well as your community presence through grassroots business development and community relations outsourcing and advising.

The Key Areas Will Can Help You With Include:


#1 Market Penetration: By boosting market penetration from the grassroots level on up, we will automatically build an ever-increasing client base.


#2 Save Time and Resources: Our experts will help minimize expenses and time while maximizing productivity.


#3 Diversity and Inclusion: By reaching out to every group and acknowledging their needs, you bring them into the whole, which maximizes your brand recognition

#4 Professional Representation: We can and will represent your organization in all public and private situations as needed bringing the highest level of professionalism available.


#5 Business Development: We have years of experience and professional expertise that will help you develop your business bigger and faster than ever before.


Hylton Elite Marketing Agency has been helping Metro Nashville employers locate and employ local talent and helping people get back to work since 2016. This Nashville-based firm is now the go-to source to help Nashville employers get connected with government, business, and community sources to maximize available employment opportunities. By utilizing online as well as offline engagement to targeted sources our grassroots marketing communication strategies are second to none.


Our goal is to help you expand your professional network and contacts in an ever-emerging market, as well as engage in grassroots projects and activities to even better boost your exposure to your base and beyond.

Access to Working and Urban Markets
in North Middle Tennessee and Beyond!

Available community relations and business development advising in the areas of urban core development, employment and workforce development, local business, and international business sectors.


The moment you become a client, we get to know your business and become a member of your team. Contact our office to retrieve documents, invoices, and activity reports. We are also available through email as well.


We hope to provide a back office for clients as well as access to its back-office through a Hylton Elite app our firm is currently developing.

Our business consulting provides grassroots communications strategies that reach community, business, and government leaders within a targeted territory. 

Meet The Co-Founders


Our Clients

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