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Real Estate Engagement Plan

Our Real Estate Engagement Plan helps you prepare for and promote your upcoming community meeting. We can even build working relationships with community sources on your behalf. We can be your long-term partner to minimize community challenges and maximize winning opportunities.

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To begin the community buy-in process, we're bringing local community leaders and residents to your meeting.

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We have corporate ambassadors who can represent your brand in the community and build relationships on your behalf.

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We are your long-term community advisors. Our CEO is available to provide access, insight and resources to create winning deals, and avoid challenges.

A plan that puts you in front of community residents to introduce your real estate development.

[CASE STUDY] Community Buy-In For
Commercial Property Relocation In Urban Area
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Most real estate developers don't have time to plan and promote a community meeting. They also don't have time to find out who within the neighborhood they should talk with to invite residents in mass to the community meeting. Your problem can be solved with Hylton Elite's Real Estate Engagement Plan.

Our firm can help connect you with community sources that can help spread the word about your upcoming meeting. The goal is to maximize awareness of your meeting. The next step is to get feedback from your residents about the development. As a final goal, record the event on video and take pictures for later use.

The benefits of our service

#1 Access to community groups and leaders, residents & businesses

#2 A trusted confidant & adviser for real estate developers


#3 Outsourced community engagement services 

#4 Experienced in housing trends and the revitalization process

#5 Capturing your engagement through video and pictures


#6 Access to a skilled and experienced ambassador that can build working relationships in the community. 

Event Marketing Pricing & Add-On Services

If you are looking to build long-term working relationships with residents and community groups, our corporate ambassadors can represent your brand to help you earn more community buy-in for your project. Our CEO can act as your community relations adviser and provide insight, resources, and access to help you move your development forward.

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Event Marketing

$3,500.00 Per Event

  • 40 telephone introduction to targeted community groups & organizations

  • 4 hours of street promotion for meeting/ event

  • Invitational video email campaign

  • Two ambassadors available to set up, manage and take down the event

  • Get feedback from community residents with follow-up calls, text emails and surveys

  • Meeting/ Event highlight video and pictures included

  • Press release for media outlets

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Corporate Ambassador

Hourly Fee

Professional in-person representation available to meet with neighbors and community leaders between community meetings.


Community Advising

Hourly Fee

We can assist you in identifying solutions to your challenges, or serve as a community relations adviser during the development process via video call or telephone.

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How Well Connected Is Our Real Estate Footprint Across Our Territories?

Connect with Diverse Real Estate Professionals
Urban Core Development Insight & Access
Your Partner For Local, Grassroots Resources 

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Insight Into Community Trends

Our access to the community is your insight.
Providing Professional Representation
Treat community residents like board members and watch the trust build. 
Community Engagement Training
Your team can benefit from the knowledge of relationship management.  
A Real Estate Thought Leader
Directing recruiting sources to your office.
Mixed-Use & Mixed-Income Housing Partner
Motivating your career training students.


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