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Utilize Our CEDM Approach. The Unexpected Strategy to Build Loyalty.

Forget what you know about regular advertising - this changes everything.

Welcome to our Workforce Marketing service page!


Using our marketing and community engagement outsourcing solutions, we highlight your brand's story and job description, or training program, for your recruitment needs. We offer customizable "Branding Plans" for our clients that utilizes both an in-person and digital marketing approach.

We are the solution to recruiting.
No job board needed.

The benefits of our service

#1 Access to amazing & qualified talent ​

#2 Save time & money

#3 Build your candidate pipeline faster

#4 Increase your community presence

#5 Become a community thought leader & influencer

#6 Access to over 500 urban community groups and neighborhood leaders within Middle & North Tennessee to promote your available jobs​. Quickly growing within southeast U.S. area

#7 Capturing your engagement through video and pictures


Our custom engagement plan will help you reach your goals, recruit more candidates, and strengthen your team.

Here's What Our Custom Plan Can Do For You


  • Best Value

    Entry Level Plan

    Every month
    Reach prospects with content supporting your message
    Valid for 3 months
    • Brand DNA analysis
    • Paid & organic digital advertisement (based on your budget)
    • 90 engagement contacts to recruiting sources
    • 5 hours advising with marketing expert
    • Professional monthly e-newsletter for recruiting sources
    • Job board management
    • 15 social media marketing posts
    • 2 Written article
    • Access to upcoming events
    • 1 two-minute promotional video created
    • *Personal email and sales funnel back office
  • Management Plan

    Every month
    Full online marketing strategy
    Valid for 3 months
    • Brand DNA analysis
    • Paid & organic digital advertisement (based on your budget)
    • 180 engagement to prospects
    • 10 hours advising with marketing expert
    • Professional monthly e-newsletter for recruiting sources
    • Professional sales funnel to recruiting source list
    • Job board management & engagement for candidates to apply
    • 30 social media posts
    • 4 written articles
    • 2 two-minute custom promotional videos
    • "How to get & keep a job" training (In-person or virtual)
    • Access to upcoming events
    • Social media engagement with candidates to apply
    • Candidate surveys & feedback
    • *Add-on option: Community relations specialist (hourly fee)
    • *Custom email marketing & sales funnel back office
Go Team

Company Branding

  • Videos of company culture

  • Vision from leadership

  • Highlighting salary & career ladder

  • In-person representation in the community option


Inbound Marketing

  • Engaging & educational content creation like blog posts, white papers, ebooks, interviews, tips highlighting job skills, and niche training

  • Profiling employees & trainers

  • Highlighting best practices and trends

  • Graduate and employee testimonials


Social Media Marketing

  • Communicating with and searching for qualified candidates 

  • Boosting your message to community sources, and residents

Online Class

Candidate Engagement
& Experience

  • Email marketing

  • Career opportunity newsletter

  • Text message option

  • Automated advertising funnel

  • Regularly updated job openings & training registrations

  • Candidate feedback during journey

  • "Getting and keeping a job" training

Image by Justin Morgan

Marketing Analytics

  • Tracking the number of new candidates

  • Tracking the number of new community recruitment sources

  • Tracking channel-conversion rates

  • Tracking hire rates per sources

  • Tracking employee referral program performance

job fair.jpeg

Community Relations

  • Your in-person ambassador representing your brand in the community (including job and resource fairs, career training presentations, community volunteering, and more)

  • Managing relations with local, state, and federal elected officials

Community Engagement Specialist ExplainerVideo

Free training video

Discover the Secret to Transforming Your Talent Pool. Are you tired of the never-ending recruitment grind?











What are employers & career trainers saying about our firm?

We're #1 at what we do
We get people to work & provide great advice
We own the territories we service

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Insight Into Community Trends

Our access to the community is your insight.
Connecting You To Recruiting Sources & Employers

Easily spread the word about your available jobs and career training programs
Build Employment Interest

Building public relationships on your behalf. 
Host Lunch & Learns

Directing recruiting sources to your office.
Guest Speaking

 your career training students.


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