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Brothers Round Table Nashville Host August 2022 Community Cleanup In North Nashville

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

It was a warm and early August Saturday morning when members of the Brothers Round Table Nashville connected in a Dollar General parking lot to complete a community cleanup in the Parkwood area of North Nashville. “We connect as much as we can to not only strengthen member relationships but also to meet and reconnect with our neighbors”, says BRT Nashville member Danavan Hylton.

The community cleanups are held monthly during the spring, summer, and fall months. The Brothers Round Table members consist of African American men that pay annual dues to join a BRT committee they are interested in and participate in internal, and external, engagement and educational activities. Committees consist of education, culture, civics, and entrepreneurship. The four committees are the four pillars the Brothers Round Table was founded on and currently operates under. Community cleanups are open to the public and open to all ages. Minors must be accompanied by an adult, preferably a parent or guardian.

The idea of the Brothers Round Table is to ensure there is a constructive outlet for African American men within Nashville to have an opportunity to build a working relationship with one another. The idea is to have younger African American men see cooperation amongst African American men and encourage these young men to participate in BRT’s activities. Hosting monthly community cleanups is just one of the many ways the BRT strengthens membership and neighborly love.

There were over fifteen gallons of trash picked up in just 90 minutes amongst African American men aged 10 to 60. If you would like to participate in a community cleanup or want to support the Brothers Round Table either through a financial donation or volunteering human capital, email to get started. Visit the Brothers Round Table’s website, to stay up to date with the BRT’s work.

About The Author

Lord Danavan Hylton is a relationship manager and business adviser that operates Nashville, Tennessee, USA based sales and marketing firm, Hylton Elite Marketing Agency. The firm provides community relations and business development outsourcing in urban areas for private and public sector brands. Danavan also provides insight, access and resources into urban areas for business, government and community leaders. Danavan is a Lord of Glencoe in Scotland through Highland Titles. Advising work: l Business website:

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