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Released Time

In 1952 the Supreme Court ruled to allow public school students, who have written requests from their parents, to take time during regular school hours to receive religious instruction.

[Video] LifeWise Academy In Robertson County

Our CEO is introduced to a nonprofit organization looking to the advantage of the opportunity to teach public students in Robertson County about religious studies. Watch Here


[Article] Incorporating Charter Schools Into Public Schools

Our CEO shares his experience of a charter school appeal hearing in writing. Read his perspective, questions and concerns. Read Here


[Interview] LifeWise Academy Introduction On AM Radio Station

Our CEO, along with Robertson County Commissioner, Martin Morgan introduce the nonprofit LifeWise Academy to residents to see if they are in support of launching a LifeWise Academy in the public school system. Watch Here

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[Survey] What Are Your Thoughts On Charter Schools?

We want to see how the public feels about charter schools. Take this free one-question survey, and become a part of the dialogue. Take Survey

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