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Is Your Business Investing in People-Skills to Reduce Turnover?

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

If your answer is no, that is the number one reason why your company is not reaching its production goals. The lack of communication skills from management towards its production team is the true source to what is holding your company back. Keep in mind as your company is a well oiled machine, the machine’s nuts and bolts are operated through the actions of people. Actions derive from behavior, and behavior stems from values. So the question may be, do you need to take another look at your company’s core values? If your company values do not reflect the uplifting of people, to include your staff and customers, then your staff and customers will know that the company culture is production and revenue first which will then make your production team and customers feel second rate. You won’t be in business long.

Like it or not, your management team is married to its production team, and you do not want to follow the masses in America touching almost a 50% divorce rate (according to USA Today). So, how do you turn it all around? It’s called people skills. People skills means having the ability to listen, to communicate and to relate to others on a personal or professional level. Here are some simple steps you can take to improve the people skills of your management team.

  1. Let Go of the Past

It’s easy to associate a new employee, a customer, with the thought patterns of a customer, or employee, of the past. This is unfair to the new customer employee, and puts the customer and employee in an uncomfortable position as the customer and employee are excited to be with you. Don’t turn away your assets based upon negative past experiences.

2. Honor Is Key

More than likely the customer, or employee, working with you is at least 18 years of age. This means this individual is an adult, and wants to be treated as such. Instead of telling the individual what to do, try asking for their advice. This makes the individual feel like they are part of the team, and will work twice as hard for you, or work twice as hard to not only use your services or products, but spread the word about your great brand. 3. Eliminate Fear of Loss You do not always have to come out on top. How motivating will it be to let your customer, or employee, know that you were wrong, and they were right; that you apologize to them for your actions. You will not lose ground with your production team, or customer through this action. This will only enhance their faith in you, and want to stick closer by you as this form of management is truly a lost art. You have a great production team. Your job as a manager is to keep them. That’s how you measure your success; by reducing turnover. Get out there, and make your team feel like they are apart of the company. You’ll see immediate results!

About The Author

Lord Danavan Hylton is a relationship manager and business adviser that operates Nashville, Tennessee, USA based sales and marketing firm, Hylton Elite Marketing Agency. The firm provides community relations and business development outsourcing in urban areas for private and public sector brands. Danavan also provides insight, access and resources into urban areas for business, government and community leaders. Danavan is a Lord of Glencoe in Scotland through Highland Titles. Advising work: I Business website:

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