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Grassroots Marketing For Premier Clients

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

With our help, Express Employment Professionals North Nashville & Downtown office will be able to hire 700 residents. We provide grassroots marketing services to generate new applicants each month.

[L-R] Express North Nashville Owner, Jason Patrick with Hylton Elite owners, Danavan and Malikah Hylton

Building Businesses...Building Relationships

Business decisions come down to time and money, and your locally owned Express Employment Professionals office can save you both. Learn more.


Campaign Track Record

Lead Generation, Cross Promotion & Brand Awareness

Service: Associate Marketing & Community Engagement

In-Person Representation (Corporate Ambassador)

  • Developed, and managed, working relationships with 100+ sources to promote available positions. Sources include community groups, public agencies, housing, corrections, education, food stores and more.

Online Application Recruitment

  • Increased online applications by 41%

Brand Awareness

  • Serving as a business partner for local schools, participating in job and resource fairs, distribute available job flyers to 60+ sources a month, distributing a monthly newsletter to sources, organic social media post of engagement in local activities, serving on panels and as a thought leader, conducting 'how to get a job' and 'how to keep a job' workshops for workforce related groups, and more! See more.

Social Media Marketing


About The Author

Lord Danavan Hylton is a relationship manager and business adviser that operates Nashville, Tennessee, USA based sales and marketing firm, Hylton Elite Marketing Agency. The firm provides community relations and business development outsourcing in urban areas for private and public sector brands. Danavan also provides insight, access and resources into urban areas for business, government and community leaders. Danavan is a Lord of Glencoe in Scotland through Highland Titles. Advising work: l Business website:

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