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$450 per week

$1800 per month
(160 hours)

Handling Corporate


 Document Preparation

  Assisting in Project


 Scheduling and Coordinating

 Executing Meetings

 Inbox and Calendar


  Travel Arrangement

  Executive Support


Screenshot 2023-11-16 010801.png

$550 per week

$2200 per month
(160 hours)

Manage Incoming Calls

Email Management

 Managing Transaction


 Order Processing

 Chat Support 

 Ticket Management

 Technical Support 

 Account Management 

Screenshot 2023-11-16 010819.png

$650 per week

$2600 per month
(160 hours)

Email Management

 Travel Booking

 Scheduling Appointments and Meetings

 Scheduling and  Coordinating

 Creating and Organizing

 Financial Reports

 Coordinating with Other Executives

 Compiling Agendas and Reports

Screenshot 2023-11-16 010834.png

$750 per week

$3000 per month
(160 hours)

 Social Media Management

 Analytics Report

 Chat Support Email


 Paid Ads Management

 Content Creation

 Event Marketing

 Brand Partnerships

 Competitor Analysis

 Digital Marketing


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