Urban Core Development 

[CASE STUDY] Community Buy-In For
Commercial Property Relocation In Urban Area
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Connect with local community, and neighborhood, leaders during your real estate development project to minimize community challenges and build more buy-in. We're your #1 source for diverse contractors, and business relocation insight and access in the territories we serve. We are your go to source to generate leads for investors, sub-contractors, and other resources for your project.

The benefits of our service

#1 Access to urban community groups, leaders residents & businesses

#2 A trusted confidant & adviser for real estate developers


#3 Outsourced community engagement services 

#4 Educator of housing trends and revitalization

#5 Capturing your engagement through video and pictures


#6 Providing a professional ambassador to build and manage your working relationships with community sources & residents

How Well Connected Is Our Real Estate Footprint Across Our Territories?

Connect with Diverse Real Estate Professionals
Urban Core Development Insight & Access
Your Partner For Local, Grassroots Resources 

Learn More About Our Work

Insight Into Community Trends

Our access to the community is your insight.
Providing Professional Representation
Treat community residents like board members and watch the trust build. 
Community Engagement Training
Your team can benefit from the knowledge of relationship management.  
A Real Estate Thought Leader
Directing recruiting sources to your office.
Mixed-Use & Mixed-Income Housing Partner
Motivating your career training students.

Here's What We Can Do For You

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Event Marketing

Directing community sources and employers to your brand, either in-person or online.

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Email Marketing

Deliver your message quickly to an urban base and begin building trust and deliver fast results.


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