Launch Pad

The Launch Pad Service is designed for new brands looking to increase their customers base on a limited budget. If you have a limited customer base, need to add more leads to your sales pipeline, or need to be seen as a credible and trustworthy brand, Launch Pad may be a good start for you. Take a look at he Launch Pad's features in more detail. 

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One-on-One Interview

Experience an up to 20 minute, on-on-one interview with the CEO of Hylton Elite Marketing Agency or an Hylton Elite representative. Answer questions that will position your brand as an experienced thought leader and trusted source for a solution. Your interview can be used for future promotional material such as email marketing, social media marketing, and website marketing.  

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1 - 3 Minute Explainer Video

Increase your click, and follow, rate by adding a simple and engaging explainer video to your promotion strategy. Explainer videos are great for brand awareness and lead generation campaigns. 


Project Name

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