The First Step To Becoming a Great Corporate Ambassador

Are you looking to start a career in marketing, or community relations? Are you a seasoned professional in marketing, or sales looking to control your territory? Enjoy this insightful article from a diverse, professional, perspective on how to become more in control of your market through community engagement.

The first to becoming a great corporate ambassador is... you have to have a following. You must already have, or start working on having, a following and or influence for the sector(s) you are serving. More importantly, you must have a specific territory to focus on in order to measure your influence, and following. More controlled territories equal more growth. It does not matter if you are servicing the government, business or community sector. When building a following your goal is to find out, “how do I make this brand’s job easier with the skill-sets I have?” Making someone’s job easier can be as simple as donating your time to volunteer. When deciding whose job you want to make easier, you want to make sure you are assisting and building relationships with your prospect’s target market. Here’s why.

Who are your sector’s prospects, and how much do you know about their prospect? How familiar are you with the market, or industry challenges your client’s prospects experience each day? Do you know the name of what this information that you are being asked is called? Intelligence; and intelligence is a valuable necessity to control your market/territory. I would suggest studying the word intelligence and act in accordance with the word.

About the Author

Danavan Hylton is a community relations and business development expert for the public and private sector. Danavan helps his clients do a better job of connecting with diverse, working communities for a number of different reasons. Danavan is also the founder, and CEO, of Hylton Elite Marketing Agency, a full-service sales and marketing firm providing grassroots business development and community relations outsourcing and advising to employers, real estate developers, and local and international business leaders.

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