Tennessee Poised And Prepared To Score A Knockout With Team USA Kickboxing

On February 26-28, Nashville will host the 2021 Team USA Kickboxing National Championship Tournament. Tournament champions and alternates will be selected to compete in Russia. The top eight place finishers then qualify for the 2022 World Games in Birmingham, AL. This event culminates a strategic collaborative effort of public and private stakeholders across the political, economic and social spectrum.

Tennessee was etched into the annals of international martial arts history when Omari Boyd won the Bronze medal at the 2017 Warsaw World Games; making him the first American kickboxer ever to accomplish such a feat. That Fall Omari would knock out the previously unbeaten Canadian Champion in dramatic fashion as the headliner bout of a Team USA vs Team Canada event held in Nashville. The Volunteer State continued to make historic national breakthroughs in 2018 as bipartisan supported legislation passed, making Tennessee the pioneer to better align its statutes with the global kickboxing standard.

This excitement comes as a result of Team USA President Rob Zbilski's great relationship with the Nashville based company, Bonafyde. Bonafyde is a collective group of martial arts, promotions, community organization, marketing and business experts. Bonafyde's Martial Arts/Olympic development program GAS USA (Grappling And Striking) has been placing multiple athletes on the national team for 9 consecutive years. In addition to the economic growth potential of Tennessee becoming the new hub for American kickboxing, Team USA and Bonafyde are collaborating to implement martial arts programs across the country as a solution to social maladies suffered by underserved communities. Arrangements are currently being made for potential partnerships with Metro Nashville Public Schools, Tennessee Representative London Lamar representing the City of Memphis, Tennessee State University and the Robertson County Chamber of Commerce for programs and initiatives designed to solve areas of public concern.

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