Knowing Yourself is the Greatest Investment for Career Development

Personal & Career Development - Become a Leader by First Leading Yourself

Career development, to include earning a promotion, is about facing and experiencing new challenges. These challenges were placed in your lap because your employer noticed the leadership, discipline and determination in your work and felt confident you could deliver the same attributes at the next level. The only challenge is, with this upgrade in your career, you’re now faced with new obstacles to include deadlines, personal responsibilities, and team management. Let’s look at how it’s essential to know yourself ahead of time to ensure a smooth transition into your growing career.

1. Where do you want to go in your career?

You never want to accept a position or promotion that is not aligned with your values and your end goal(s). Why? Because your passion in your work and duties will always show, and you want your peers to always see you in the best of light. This approach will always brand you as a leader and growth opportunities will come easier as everyone will take you seriously. The moment you settle for a position based upon money, or recognition, your true attitude will show and you will lose the value that made you stand out amongst the rest. Don’t lose your value; your work ethics and attitude, which drives your day to day actions.

2. You can't lead others until you know how to lead yourself

What kind of leader or team player are you? Have you completed a DISC assessment on yourself? If you have not examined your behavior traits you will never be an asset for your team and employer. Visit Tony Robins DISC assessment, and take a DISC assessment to find out what drives you and others, so you know how to handle the personality of your team. Knowing your personality and the personality of others will cut unnecessary time used to reconcile thus increase productivity. This lesson is imperative as more than likely your new position will have you supervising your former peers who may not be too excited about your success. Knowing how to lead yourself and others will thrill your up line making it hard for your supervisors to let you go.

3.  Lead by example

When you walk in the room, who you are and your best attitude will show. Being who you are and knowing how to walk in that light is a lost art, especially in the workplace. People go to work to collect a paycheck and get out the workplace as quickly as possible. People dread the beginning of the work week, and bring that attitude into the workplace. A negative attitude especially at the beginning of the work week is not what employers and supervisors want. Employers want leadership. Leadership is what inspires others to be their best, therefore, walking with the best attitude, especially on Monday and Tuesday, is just what employers are looking for. True leadership is contagious and increases productivity. Be proud to stand out, and know who you are.

Following these three simple steps will lead you into unimaginable opportunities. Never forget who you are by first examining yourself. You will become an asset for any employer and will maximize your income because managers will not want to lose you to another company, especially a competitor. Start walking in knowing. Congratulations in advance for your success!

About the Author

Danavan Hylton is an economic developer looking to improve the social well-being for diverse community resident in the areas of politics, commerce, and culture. Danavan is also the founder, and CEO, of Hylton Elite Marketing Agency, a full-service sales and marketing firm delivering recruiting, retention, and community relations services to employers, workforce development organizations, business chambers, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

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