Is it Time for African Americans to Embrace The Industrial Industry?

The manufacturing industry greatly affects the African American community. If there is a skills gap in the manufacturing industry, would it not be wise to engage the African American community to close that gap? Why the African American community? Able body, intelligent men and women, seeking a continued chance to increase their income and become a productive member of society. 

Advanced Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management, an Untapped Market for African Americans 

Re-Branding Skilled Trades in the African American Community?

How can the African American community become more productive through the industrial industry? At a time of high demand, with 3.5 million manufacturing jobs needing to be filled by 2025, and the industrial industry transitioning into a demand of technical skills through machine operation, and a need for mathematical and analytical skills, this industry is the ideal position for the African American community; especially for young men. 

Why is the manufacturing industry and its many sub-industries, ideal for the African American community at this time in America? Because the demand pushes the African American envelope in so many ways. How so? There now becomes a tangible reason for basic training during high school in math, and critical thinking that gives the young adult a chance to have a reason to learn. A reason to learn? Well not everyone is going to college and most inner city graduates don’t have a true direction, and end up going through the motions in inner city schools. Manufacturing can be the key.

Nothing New Under the Sun; Or Maybe?

Let’s take a walk into the past. In the 40’s and 50’s men of the African American community earned a decent worked in the manufacturing industry. It was common to work the most minuscule of manufacturing positions with no real opportunity for a promotion to higher skilled positions no matter how skilled an African American was. If there were a promotion, the African American was heckled and given a hard time. If the African American was given a promotion and bought a new car to treat him-self, they were faced with harassing cops and slashed tires. So why would the African American want to try to assert themselves with so much animosity facing them?

Today, in 2018, it is a new day. At least American citizens hope so. With such a high demand for a skilled workforce in manufacturing in the U.S., it is the ideal time for the African American man and women to learn and master the art of skilled trades. With the sense of inclusion, and integral opportunity for the African American community is the ideal solution to solve the skills gap dilemma. 

Benefits of African Americans Embracing Manufacturing?

1. A pathway to the middle class-

Salaries starting a $50k will better position the financial base for more spending in the market. More income gives a sense of purpose and will force residents to think twice of losing this opportunity

2. An increased interest in education-

Math may become an exciting subject due to the opportunity to earn a middle class income once graduating. Showing students the income they will earn entering the workforce may change the mind and attitude of young adults. 

Legislation advocating more industrial training in school will also peak new interest for students and their future. 

3. Community growth

A sense of purpose is the core value for a man, and a man wants to lead themselves and their family. What better purpose is there in a capitalistic society than being able to financially provide for oneself and one’s family? Home-ownership, entrepreneurship, and career growth are all essential for a growing community, and a growing community is a win-win for all parties involved.

About the Author

Danavan Hylton is an economic developer looking to improve the social well-being for diverse community resident in the areas of politics, commerce, and culture. Danavan is also the founder, and CEO, of Hylton Elite Marketing Agency, a full-service sales and marketing firm delivering recruiting, retention, and community relations services to employers, workforce development organizations, business chambers, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

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