Hylton Elite Marketing Agency Announces Open Registration for Momentum Empowerment Conference

Momentum Empowerment Conference 2018 Will Convene Business Leaders, Career Professionals, Entrepreneurs and College Students who want to Break Out of the Rut of Mediocrity

Nashville, Tenn. – July 30, 2018 – Hylton Elite Marketing Agency today announced that registration is open for Momentum Empowerment Conference 2018, a leadership conference designed by authoritative business leaders for problem centered, people pleasing, depressed, and pre-wired career professionals and entrepreneurs who want to move toward their dreams. The conference will be held September 15, 2018, at the Sheraton Music City Hotel in Nashville, Tenn. A registration fee of $35 is available for conference attendees who register on or before August 15, 2018, and $50 for those who register after

The conference will host three distinguished speakers, and business leaders. Keynote speakers include Adrian Davis, CEO at Crown Davis Membership, Inc., former training specialist for the state of Tennessee, and current leadership training consultant for Nissan Motor Corporation; Kent Vaughn, Managing Partner and Co-Founder at Blaze Learning Solutions; and Bill McCleskey, Founder at Mitech Partners.

“We’re prepared and excited to become that force that moves people as an object at rest will stay at rest until moved by an outside force,” said Adrian Davis, CEO of Crown Davis Membership, Inc. “We’re ready to push these talented professionals out of their comfort zone to ensure the goals they set for themselves are met.”

“The participants of the Momentum Empowerment Conference remind me of myself at one time- caught in a comfort zone, wasting time, and not truly taking control of their life,” said Danavan Hylton, relationship management expert, and CEO at Hylton Elite Marketing Agency. “It’s important to know the difference between persistence and sabotage when moving in a negative direction and adjust how you think about change to move in a positive direction.”

Panel topics include:

· Pursue the Job of your Dreams with a PROVEN Plan

· Break the Stagnation in your Career

· Start your Business

· Make the Money that will give You Comfort and Security

To sign up for the conference today, please visit https://bit.ly/2LI8qNl

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