Honor Your Applicants & Experience Better Hiring Results

When driving down the street, one can see so many “now hiring” signs. With so many employment options, how does an employer show that they are the best employment opportunity? Let's talk about how employers can stand out from the rest in such a paradise for applicants.

First, an employer can acknowledge the fact they have received the applicant’s resume, and thank the applicant for submitting their resume. This approach goes a long way and will immediately set an employer apart because the employer has put the focus on the applicant and not the needs of the employer.

Secondly, are you as an employer sharing your company culture and values not only during interviews, but on your website and social media outlets? By proudly displaying your culture and values online, and through your advertisement campaign, applicants will feel more confident in applying for your available position(s).

Be sure to treat all applicants as a friend and with courtesy.

These simple yet impactful actions will set your business apart because frankly, a lot of employers are not doing this. Change your approach of hiring by focusing on the applicant, and experience an office full of productive talent.

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