Are Residents Ready for a Property Tax Increase in Nashville?

Updated: May 27, 2020

What residents need to know.

Metro Nashville Council Member At-Large, Steve Glover, called into ‘The Black Family Talks’ weekly podcast to shed light on a possible tax increase that Nashville may experience within the next year. The podcast was aired on Facebook Live and WVOL 1470 AM. Mayor John Cooper has yet to announce when a tax increase will take place nor has the Mayor released an annual budget statement. However, Council Member Glover wanted to urge the citizens of Nashville to stay educated and prepared. During the broadcast topics such as the tornado that hit North Nashville, East Nashville, Hermitage, and Mt. Juliet, and the “shut down of Nashville’s economy” due to COVID-19cwhere also discussed in relation to a possible tax increase.

Council Member Glover made it clear that the events of March must be considered when talking about a tax increase. The Council Member also advised not to forget about the amount of debt that Nashville as a city has incurred within the past few years. A question was posed: How will the tax increase affect the homeowners of North Nashville? Council Member Glover’s response was that this increase will affect all of Nashville and it is almost guaranteed that North Nashville will be affected based upon the property value. There is an estimated twenty-five percent in property taxes to increase if the tax bill is introduced. Ultimately, this will affect the cost and affordability of Nashville. Though the broadcast was cut short on Facebook Live, viewers could still tune in on the radio show on the WVOL AM network. Council Member Glover suggested that the city get rid of non-essential programs and resources to match the increase in taxes. Also, it is important to stay up to date with what is going on with city politics as the citizens are the ones with the power to make decisions. Overall, what other questions should be asked? As a community, how can we hold our council members accountable for representing the voice of the constituents?

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Written by Terry Blackburn,

Corporate Ambassador for Hylton Elite Marketing Agency

Terry Blackburn is a sociology major and a senior at Fisk University. Terry represents Nashville employers and promote available jobs to local, skilled, residents of Nashville, Tennessee.

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